Zac Pagin
Marketing Analyst
Francorp Middle East/Levant

Mr. Zac Pagin is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate from University of Wales, UK specialized in Global Marketing and Online Marketing. He joined Francorp Middle East office in July 2013 as a Marketing Analyst. He has successfully completed the certification in Franchise Sales Consultant and Franchise Management Consultant awarded by Francorp University, Chicago in early 2014.

A highly qualified Marketing & Research professional, Mr. Pagin dedicated his skills & expertise to elevate the company’s online presence with excellent content and effective marketing strategies. He is an avid reader, resourceful with a natural flair for writing and content development. His key responsibilities include Marketing Plan Development; Press Release writing, Content Development, Research & Analysis, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Social Media Optimization.

Zac Pagin supports the company management team with strategic idea generation, reports and analysis of the latest trends & opportunities in the franchise industry.