Are You Franchisable?

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  • Is your business profitable? Can it be duplicated? Do you have a prove system that a franchisee can easily follow? Then you will probably love the idea of using someone else’s capital to expand your company.
  • Why franchise? Franchising isn’t the only way to expand your business, but it offers benefits that other methods can’t. For instance, if you have the right idea, at the right time, and have the funds to support it, franchising can help you penetrate the market quickly.
  • You may already know that having a successful system in place is critical in determining franchisability, but what else is involved? How do you franchise your business?
  • If you think you’re ready for franchising take our franchisability quiz, or look over our franchisability worksheet to make sure you’ve considered all of the factors.
  • Now that you know you’re franchisable, where do you go from here?
  • You can fast track if you know how to build your business. When you’ve determined that you’re franchisable, be sure you understand how much you’ll be investing and don’t miss any opportunities by making costly mistakes that every owner should try to avoid. Attending a Francorp seminar will give you the opportunity to meet with a senior consultant and learn more about what’s involved.
  • Francorp is the industry leader in guiding clients through the franchise process. For quick and direct assessment of your opportunity, contact us and speak with a franchise analyst directly, or book an appointment online.