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The services outlined herein are intended to assisst the Client in initiating a franchise program. Francorp provides three ranges of services:

Full Development Program: All the services normally required by a business to create a comprehensive franchise program, launch a marketing and sales campaign, and effectively recruit, train, and service franchisees on a regional or national basis.

Basic Development Program: The essential services required to introduce a basic franchise program, begin to sell franchises in local markets, and lay the groundwork for a franchise organization.

Partial Development Program: The minimum services required to structure the franchise program and offer franchises for sale.

Our Franchise Development Program is designed to cater the needs of both new franchisors and the existing ones. Check out details about our franchise program development services.

Development Services for New Franchisors

  • Francorp Consultation
  • Franchise your Business Seminars
  • Strategic Planning & Business Plan Development
  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Prototype Development Consulting
  • Franchise Document Drafting Services
  • State Filings & Registrations
  • Operations Consulting and Manual development
  • Advertising and Marketing Services
  • Franchise Internet Marketing
  • Web System Development, Guidance and Consulting
  • Media Plans & Budgeting
  • Franchise Sales DVDs
  • Training DVDs
  • Franchise Sales Training
  • Franchise Management Training
  • Implementation Consulting
  • General Consulting

Development Services for Existing Franchisors

  • Industry Research Services
  • Legal Document Revision
  • Registration Updates & Renewals
  • Operations Manuals Drafting, Review and Revision Services
  • Franchise Sales Training
  • Franchise Management Training
  • Training DVDs
  • Sales DVDs
  • Franchise Program Review
  • Web System Development, Guidance and Consulting
  • Franchise Internet Marketing
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Sales Strategy Critique & Training
  • Advertising and Marketing Services
  • Franchise Ads & Media Planning
  • Market Research Services
  • Special Projects
  • Expert Witness
  • General Consulting