Mohamad Al Abed


Sr. Consultant & Head of Marketing
Francorp Middle East

Mohamad Al Abed comes with a strong background in Business and Strategic Planning, Marketing and Communication and project leadership for over 7 years, and holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Business and Marketing. 
Experienced business and marketing consultant, customer-centric manager with a progressive leadership and strategic development experience and demonstrated history of working in this field
Mohamad has a proven ability to successfully lead a team by utilizing commitment, inclusion, and creativity to inspire passion and engagement.
In his experience, Mohamad has expertly managed franchise strategic planning, overall business structure and processes while also developed their Marketing Roadmap and vision to ensure that businesses are operating and expanding efficiently whilst also meeting their long-term goals. Mohamad has also supported franchisors in improving their opportunities of entering new countries and/or regions by establishing the right market penetration strategy, their B2B and B2C marketing plans, understanding market opportunities, enforcing a well-defined legal structure, efficiently plan their daily operations and quality control and overall franchise advisory. 
With his familiarity and practice of working in the consultancy world and now in franchise industry, as well as his strong skillset in problem-solving, Mohamad is a Senior Consultant and Head of Marketing at Francorp Middle East.