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Business Development

We are proud to have the largest franchise network internationally. We leverage our 16 offices’ consolidated network to connect our clients with the most capable and fitting partners worldwide. In our 45 years of advisory service, we continue to build and benefit from our strong and lasting relationships with: Businesses, Franchise Operators, Government Institutions, SME […]
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Sales Training

While Francorp doesn’t function as a broker for our clients, as part of our franchise services, we provide Franchise Sales Training to new and existing franchisors. Attendees are taught by industry experts with numerous years of franchise sales experience, receive a “how to” manual and personalized instruction on how to sell effectively. On an ongoing […]
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Management Training

This Management Training Program summarizes many of the key development issues that influence franchise companies as they continue to expand their business system. A business owner who has found success in growing his/her own business will find that developing and growing a successful franchise organization requires special considerations and efforts that previously had not been […]
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Strategic Planning

A lawyer might say that first you must comply with franchise laws. But that’s not really the first step. To start with, Francorp recommends the formation of a business plan. Francorp will help you decide, based upon your own presence in the marketplace and the strength of competition, where to sell franchises and who to […]
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Legal Documents

Every franchise must have a franchise agreement that thoroughly describes the offering made to the franchisee. This ensures the responsibilities and requirements for franchsiee and franchisor are clear and the brand is protected. Francorp will handle the drafting and finalization of all agreements in order to prepare you completely to franchise. All agreements are done […]
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Operations Manual

Francorp will develop a comprehensive operations manual that lists in detail all of the tasks required to operate the business, from unit opening to unit closing. The operations manual serves as a vital reference tool for franchisees once training is complete. INITIAL ANALYSIS AND OUTLINE Francorp will develop a preliminary outline that identifies and describes […]
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Marketing Structure

Francorp will develop a comprehensive plan for generating franchise sales leads. This plan, based on an understanding of the client’s expansion goals and the profile of the target franchise owner, will recommend specific marketing activities and will include appropriate creative materials, such as copy and layout for franchise sales ads, that can be utilized in […]
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