Duaa Zulfiqar


Marketing Consultant
Francorp Middle East 

Duaa Zulfiqar is a recent graduate, where she received a High Merit in her bachelors for Marketing, Advertising and PR. Having studied at Middlesex University Dubai, Duaa has acquired the skills and knowledge that landed her the role of Marketing Consultant at Francorp Middle East. Starting off as a marketing assistant intern, Duaa has worked her way up and landed herself a full time role.

Being the youngest consultant at Francorp, Duaa has been a fast learner, which has helped her grow and expand her knowledge of the industry within a short span of time. The skills Duaa has leveraged onto her role from her past experiences and interests, include implementing effective digital marketing campaigns, and ideas into the business, event planning, developing social media content that includes advertisements and designing of content, detailed marketing plans for clients, as well as client and customer service.