Sales Training

While Francorp doesn’t function as a broker for our clients, as part of our franchise services, we provide Franchise Sales Training to new and existing franchisors.

Attendees are taught by industry experts with numerous years of franchise sales experience, receive a “how to” manual and personalized instruction on how to sell effectively. On an ongoing basis, Francorp provides implementation consulting to ensure that the lessons learned in the classroom work effectively in achieving sales.

As a first step in your franchise sales training program, it is important to understand how the program is designed to integrate with other materials used in conjunction with franchise marketing. In particular, it is important to distinguish the role of a marketing plan from that of the franchise sales program.


The franchise marketing plan is a critical first stage within the franchise sales process. Regardless of how successful your business is, the success of your franchise program is, in part, determined by your ability to gain the interest of qualified buyers. An effective marketing plan documents the franchisor’s strategy for generating franchise sales leads. In particular, the plan should:

  • Identify and define the franchise prospect
  • Indicate the various methods to be used for marketing the franchise program (e.g., direct mail, Internet marketing, print ads, trade shows, open houses, seminars, etc.)
  • Target which advertising media are to be used and with what frequency advertisements will be placed.
  • Budget and schedule both the development and implementation of the franchise marketing program.
  • Once these elements are in place, and the first leads are generated, the marketing plan can be used on an ongoing basis to evaluate the effectiveness of lead generation strategies.


The franchise sales program commences once the marketing plan is in place and leads have been generated. The objective of your sales program is to convert leads to franchise sales. The FRANCORP® Franchise Sales Strategy™ Manual is intended to help you achieve this all-important goal.

Throughout the manual, it will be emphasized that each lead must be handled with extreme care and diligence. Selling a franchise opportunity is a unique process and requires a detailed understanding of both franchising and the particular needs of those persons seeking to become franchisees. No matter how good a franchise opportunity is, it will not prosper without a knowledgeable franchise salesperson to interest the prospect and close the sale.