Cheryl Reyes


Sr. Operations Consultant
Francorp Middle East / Levant

Ms.Cheryl Reyes is a Certified Franchise Sales Consultant & Franchise Management Consultant awarded by Francorp University, Chicago in 2011. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Applications from St. Joseph Institute of Technology, Philippines. Ms. Cheryl Reyes has worked with many clients’ Operation Manuals and has consulted hundreds of the region’s top companies in the franchising industry.

A highly dedicated and self motivated person, Ms. Cheryl has been at the core of Francorp operations and services for the past 10 years in our Dubai office. Besides her core responsibilities developing Franchise Operations Manuals (FOMs), Ms. Cheryl also attends clients’ meetings – both in-house and on-site consultation, and co-ordinates in the day-to-day service execution of the Managing Board.

Ms. Cheryl Reyes is the longest serving executive of the Francorp Middle East Dubai office and her contributions throughout have been exemplary for all existing employees and new hires alike.